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Brake Repair in Columbus, OH

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There are two types of brakes used on modern vehicles. Automobiles come built with 2 sets of brakes – one in the front and 1 in the rear. Modern cars have disc brakes located on the front wheels. Rear brakes may be either disc or drum brakes depending on the particular vehicle. Many cars have disc brakes on all four wheels. Brakes stop the vehicle by using friction to transform motion into heat. Excessive heat in braking systems can cause a variety of symptoms including; premature wear, noise, and vibration.

Disc Brake Repair in Columbus, OH

Disc brakes work by simply squeezing the brake pads against the rotor. The harder you press the pedal the tighter the squeeze. Braking action pushes hydraulic fluid through a series of lines and hoses, providing enough pressure to engage the braking system and to stop the wheels from turning. Undertaking a brake repair requires a professional knowledge of hydraulic pressure.

Occasionally, hydraulic brake fluid gets air bubbles trapped inside, often because of flawed hydraulic components or damaged lines or hoses. This will decrease the effectiveness of the brakes. Our certified technicians are well trained and equipped to handle hydraulic system repairs in addition to brakes that are simply worn out from miles of driving. We service all makes and models including; Ford, Acura, Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Dodge and Chevrolet. We use only brake components that meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications.

Drum Brake Repair Columbus, OH

Drum brakes are quite different from disc brakes but still rely on a hydraulic braking system. Brake shoes are pressed into the brake drum during braking by a hydraulic wheel cylinder. Because drum brakes are normally found only on the rear of a vehicle, they tend to wear somewhat more slowly than disc brakes. Because of the way they are designed drum brakes require regular inspection, cleaning and adjustment to keep them in good working order. Properly adjusted drum brakes will wear more evenly and give you longer service life.

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