Our Team

Our Team

Chris Cozad

Owner & President

Chris has been turning wrenches since her college days in the 70’s. An old car, no money and a friend who was a mechanic set her on her way. Alternative Auto Care began in 1983 with a toolbox, a truck and a dream. A graduate of Hiram College, Chris was once a biology teacher.  Her commitment to education flourished in the automotive industry. In 2002 Chris joined the faculty of Columbus State Community College as an adjunct instructor of Automotive Technology. Chris is an engaging and entertaining presenter known for her informative consumer education presentations.  Chris is an ASE certified Master Technician, Advanced Engine Performance Specialist and Service Consultant. She lives in Clintonville with her partner of 37 plus years, Gloria and their adorable gray cat Watson. They have 2 grown daughters.

Jenni Hoover

Service Manager

Jen has worked for Alternative Auto Care on 3 separate occasions over the last 25 years in various roles including as our head technician. She is now our service advisor, using her vast automotive experience to help provide our customers with a top-notch service experience. Jen has an Associate’s Degree in business management and received her initial automotive training at Pickaway Ross Joint Vocational School. In her nearly 30 years of automotive experience she has worked several shops and dealerships and is and is a factory-certified Kia technician. Jen is an ASE certified Service consultant as well as an ASE certified Automotive Technician.  In addition to her work in the automotive field, Jen has been a strong advocate for women in non-traditional jobs working as a heavy equipment operating engineer and an instructor in the ONOW (Overview of Non-Traditional Occupations for Women) Program for the Ohio Department of Corrections. Jen lives in Chillicothe with her partner Cheryl. They have a grown son, 2 dogs Trouble and Denver and some cats.

Jossalynn Burrell

Master Technician

Joss joined the Alternative Auto Care team in 2014.  Her interest in the automotive industry started while selling auto parts, which led her to Columbus State Community College where her first automotive instructor was Alternative’s owner, Chris.  She has an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology form Columbus State, is an ASE Certified Master Technician and an Advanced Engine Performance Specialist.  She values continuing education and is particularly interested in advancing her career and widening her skill set to include hybrid technology.  Joss is an avid reader with a keen interest in philosophy and language.  She is a motorcyclist who loves to travel and has an eclectic taste in music.

Stacey Hallock


Stacey joined the Alternative Auto Care Team in May of 2012. She brings a lifelong interest in cars and tools, great mechanical aptitude, and a keen problem-solving mindset to the shop. The story is told that she removed all the door knobs in her house by age 3.  Stacey has been working on cars as a hobby for many years, first learning by helping her brother. She also was a farmer for many years and has experience working on farm equipment. Stacey is an ASE Certified Technician. Prior to pursuing automotive technology, Stacey was an animal control officer and worked in animal shelters for many years. She lives in Clintonville with her partner Sara, their 2 daughters and their 3 dogs Moxie, Oscar, and Sigmund.

Katie Swanson


Katie joined the Alternative Auto Care Team in 2020. When she’s not banging hammers and fixing cars, Kate likes painting, road-tripping, and trying all kinds of great food on her adventures. Originally from Wisconsin, Kate is a former member of the National Guard, and has lived in Columbus for about five years. Katie currently attends Columbus State Community College where she was one of Chris’ students, and she is pursuing her Associated Degree in Automotive Technology.  She and her girlfriend Mikah share their home with cats Ollie and Drake, their dog Cooper, and Hammy the hamster.

Nadine Tech

Nadine Martin


Nadine started her AAC journey when she was just a teenager, interning at the shop during high school. She has worked in the used car industry, as well as with Toyota, for many years, and is happy to be back.

A graduate of Columbus State Community College, she is an ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician, and an ASE Certified Advanced Engine Performance Specialist.  Nadine is a dedicated equestrian who loves her bay thoroughbred mare, Merci. She and her husband JB live with their 6 cockatiels.

Alison Holmes

Administrative Assistant

Alison joined the Alternative Auto Care team in 2017 shortly after settling in Columbus. She brings a keen eye for detail, a passion for customer service and is that friendly voice on our phones. Originally from North Carolina, Alison is a talented jewelry artist and herbalist and spent 3 years traveling around the country to craft shows and conferences in a giant motor home affectionately named “Belinda the Traveling Jewel.” She now lives in Columbus with her partner Jamie their 3 dogs Butterbean, Sazi and Tallulah and rescued a baby squirrel named Richard, who still visits occasionally for nuts and avocados.  

Quinn Customer Service

Quinn Karrenbauer

Customer Service Specialist

Quinn joined the AAC team in 2021 when she moved to Columbus after graduating from Miami University.  She likes collecting books she’ll never read and playing games she’ll never finish.  She lives in Grandview with her beautiful, but brainless cat, Perdita.

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