Contactless Payment

What is Facepay and how are we using it?

Facepay is much like Venmo or PayPal, offering the customer a secure, convenient, contactless payment option for $0 fees to the customer or Alternative Auto Care. It is an easy one time sign up and makes paying for your car repair bill easy.

To sign up for your account and pay your bill online, click here

Frequently asked questions

1. SAFETY – Your safety as a customer is our main concern. The COVID19 pandemic has changed the way we all approach health and safety. This is just one of the ways we are facilitating contactless service delivery at Alternative Auto Care to keep you and our team safe and healthy.

2. IS IT SECURE? – Protecting your financial security and ours is essential. Facepay is a secure process, that has been vetted by industry leaders. Neither Alternative Auto Care or Facepay retains or even have access to your financial data – you set that up yourself when you first sign up and create your account. Facepay is much more secure than giving us a credit or debit card number over the phone. Faster too!

3. WHY WOULD I SIGN UP FOR THIS? – Contactless payment is becoming “the new normal.” It is easy for you to pay your bills without being in the shop. No fees for you and no huge merchant fees from credit card processing for us. This is truly a Win-Win for everyone.

4. HOW DO I SIGN UP? – You can Scan the QR code or click the text link we send over to you and click “Sign up” Takes less that 2mins to sign up and it is a One-time sign up.

5. WHAT DOES IT COST? – It costs the customer nothing to set up an account and helps our shop save money on processing fees.

Customer Sign up Process – How do I sign up?

1. Click the Link; from the text, or Scan the QR CODE to the left with your phone camera.

2. Click “Sign up” as a New customer.

3. Create an account – email and password – You’ll be asked to verify your cell number.

4. After entering your details, select “Instant Verification” and select your bank.

5. Login to your account using login as you would in your bank APP.

6. Select the Account you want to use for payments.

7. Create a 6-digit Passcode, then re-enter 6-digit passcode.

8. Accept Terms and Conditions.

If your bank account is not registered. Simply “X” out and you’ll be prompted to register with your Account # and Routing # and sent sign up instructions via text.

Your banking details are secure. We use the banks security to make sure your information never gets shared to shops or Facepay.

For more information on Facepay, visit here:
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