Alternative Auto Care is Proud to be a Columbus GreenSpot Business!

Greenspot-LogoHere’s how we will inform and engage
Mandatory Commitments Within the next year:

  • By January 15 of each year, we will record and submit the green initiatives we’ve begun or continued as a result of being part of GreenSpot.

  • We will create and display an environmental policy or mission statement.

  • We will measure our compliance with local, federal, health, safety, and environmental regulations.

Additional Commitments:

Within the next year:

  • We will challenge a neighboring business to become a GreenSpot by referring them to the GreenSpot website.

  • We will display our GreenSpot decal in a window or some other prominent place.

  • We will keep employees informed about our green efforts by including updates in newsletters and bulletins.

  • We will openly encourage employees to be responsible environmental stewards in their personal lives.

  • We will post a list of the requirements for becoming a GreenSpot business where both customers and employees can see it.

  • We will support an environmental nonprofit organization through financial contributions, in-kind services, volunteer work, or board service.

Here’s how we will reduce, reuse, and recycle

Mandatory Commitments

Within the next year:

  • We will buy office and other supplies made with recycled materials.

  • We will establish a business-wide recycling program that includes-at a minimum-glass, aluminum, plastic bottles, steel, and paper.

  • We will perform a waste audit of our business.

  • We will track our monthly waste.

Additional Commitments:

Within the next year:

  • We will buy products in returnable, reusable, or recyclable containers.

  • We will communicate electronically-instead of on paper-whenever possible.

  • We will donate unwanted furniture, supplies, scrap materials, linens, phones, etc.

  • We will email or post staff memos and schedules in a central place instead of printing copies for each employee.

  • We will expand our recycling program to include additional materials, such as plastic film, refrigerants, re-use of water, hangers, etc. Additional materials we will include in our recycling program are…

  • We will provide employees and guests reusable dishware instead of disposable.

  • We will purchase condiments (milk, sugar, cream, etc.) and supplies (soap, toiler paper, etc.) in bulk.

  • We will purchase or obtain used office furniture.

  • We will recycle electronics that no longer work, or are no longer useful.

  • We will recycle toner and inkjet printer cartridges.

  • We will reduce our paper use by: Not making unnecessary copies, and double-siding the copies we do make. Not using a separate cover sheet for faxes .Reusing paper for scrap paper. Removing our name from junk mail lists. Keeping our customer mailing lists current, without duplications.

  • We will reuse packaging (bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, polystyrene peanuts), or donate them to a local shipping company.

Here’s how we will conserve & protect water

Mandatory Commitments

Within the next year:

  • If applicable, we will fully comply with the City’s Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan requirements.

  • We will check for leaks by performing a water audit (if we have more than 100 employees) or by closely reviewing our water bills (if we have fewer than 100 employees).

  • We will fully comply with the City’s Fats, Oils, and Grease Regulation.

Additional Commitments:

Within the next year:

  • We will clean all outdoor areas-like parking lots, sidewalks, alleys, and patios-with a broom and/or damp mop instead of a hose. If hosing is required, we will collect the runoff and dispose of it as recommended by the City of Columbus

  • We will install a water-efficient (1.6 to 2.2 gallons/minute) pre-rinse spray nozzle in our kitchen for washing dishes.

  • We will keep receiving areas and dumpsters clear of litter by periodically sweeping the area, and ensuring each waste receptacle has a tight-fitting lid.

  • We will provide an outdoor receptacle for cigarette butt disposal.

  • We will replace toilets that use 3 or more gallons of water per flush with ones that use 1.6 gallons or less.


Our business is responsible for the landscaping. We will do three of the following:

  • As new plants are needed, we will use native, drought-resistant plants.

  • We will redirect downspouts towards landscaped areas where possible.

  • We will water only when needed.

Here’s how we will conserve energy

Mandatory Commitments

Within the next year:

  • We will perform an energy audit, or use EnergyStar’s Portfolio to track our energy use.

Additional Commitments:

Within the next year:

  • We will convert to energy-efficient light bulbs, such as compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), and/or upgrade existing fluorescent tube lighting with T-8 or T-5 lamps with electronic ballasts. We will begin with five light fixtures-or 10% of our lights (whichever is greater)-and commit to changing the rest in the next two years.

  • We will implement a facility-wide policy of turning off equipment and lights when not in use.

  • We will perform regular maintenance on our HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and refrigeration systems-or ask our landlord to do so.

  • We will use caulk and/or weather-stripping around windows and doors, keeping caulk in good repair.

  • When replacing equipment and appliances, we will ensure they are EnergyStar rated and/or equipped with energy-saving features.

Here’s how we will streamline transportation

Mandatory Commitments

Within the next year:

  • If applicable, we will make our fleet more efficient. We do not have a fleet of 10 or more vehicles, and transportation is not a major part of our business. We have a fleet of 10 or more vehicles, or transportation is a major part of our business. We will achieve at least a one-star rating with the Ohio Green Fleet Program.

  • We will encourage all employees to participate in “Two by 2012”-a commitment to commute to work twice a month using an alternative form of transportation (not a single-occupancy vehicle).

  • We will install a bike rack in our facility, or provide employees with another secure location to store bikes.

Additional Commitments:

Within the next year:

  • If we reimburse employees for driving, we will also reimburse them for biking.

  • We will encourage employees to walk or bike to meetings, lunch, etc.

  • We will offer preferred parking arrangements for car pool vehicles.

  • We will provide green driving tips on an employee bulletin board or in newsletters.

We will provide employees with information about ridesharing and bus transportation on a bulletin board and/or in newsletters.


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